Privacy Policy

Does your Privacy Policy reflect reality?

In today’s business world, most companies have an internet presence and most companies collect data through that presence.  Creating a privacy policy that informs the public of data collection policy and use is fairly straight-forward.  But over time, changes are made to the company website pages and those changes don’t always make it into the privacy policy.

I have conducted many audits of company privacy policies and compared them against actual on-line behavior and more times than not, I have found mistakes in the privacy policy compared to reality.  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would call that deception.

This can be remedied by installing an internal process that ties updates to the privacy policy to the builds being pushed out by the development team.  Still, updates can fall through the cracks because it only takes a push of the “Publish” button to push out a new web site build to the public as I will do when I finish writing this post.

Better yet, have someone with technical and legal experience perform an external audit.

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